Directions Casa Paciano

Contact details

Casa Paciano is officially called Palazzetta Baldeschi.

Vocabolo Palazzetta 130
Paciano (PG)

You will be received by Giacomo Baldeschi. His mobile number is: +39 348 7918689
Please send him a message or give him a call when you are in the area, and also in case you're running late.

Note: Giacomo will meet you at the Bar Boldrini in Paciano as described below. He lives nearby.

Upon arrival you will have to pay the security deposit of €150. The cleaning fee, tourism tax and any extra costs like heating or a cot will be deducted from the security deposit before departure.


Take the Italian Autostrada A1: Milan – Modena – Bologna – Firenze – in the direction of Rome. 
If you come from Rome, take the A1 in the direction of Firenze – Bologna. 
Exit this highway (120 KM after Florence coming from the North, or about 150 KM after Rome coming from the South) at Chiusi. 
Having paid the toll you keep to the right (2x) and follow directions for Chiusi and Perugia. 
You are now driving on the SS146 which you keep following until almost in Paciano. 
It is a provincial road leading you through a lovely landscape. 
After about 3 KM you enter Chiusi and keep following directions for Perugia, always on the SS146. 
After Chiusi’s centre the road is leading downhill. 
At the bottom is a petrol station (Agip) on your right hand side. 
Keep following the road which bends to the left in the direction of Perugia and Lago Trasimeno. 
After about 300 metres the road bends to the left again over a bridge after which you will see some larger companies along the road. 
This is still the SS146, bending to the left again in the direction of Perugia, Castiglione del Lago and Moiano. 
After another 5 KM you will pass Moiano. 
2 KM after Moiano you leave the SS146 following directions for Paciano (6 km). 
If you happen to miss this exit, there is another one some kms further, also leading to Paciano and ending up at the same point as the first option.

Arriving at Paciano you will immediately see on your left hand-side, just before a small park, a small bar. 
This is Bar Boldrini where the owner will meet you and where, if necessary, you can use the phone to call him. It takes him about 15 minutes to get to the bar (on foot).

Google map

The google map coordinates are 43.024501, 12.071946

NOTE: do not follow the directions that google map suggests to get to the house itself. It takes you though an olive yard that is not meant for normal cars to drive through. You will be shown the easy and shorter route from Bar Boldrini.

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