Villa Montone Directions

Contact details

The official name of Villa Montone is Sole & Luna.

Località Montebestia
06014 MONTONE (PG)

You will receive instructions to collect the keys before your departure. You can then arrive any time after 4 pm. We'd recommend arriving during daylight, which makes it easier the first time you arrive at the house.

The caretaker is a Dutch lady called Iekje who lives in Montone and can be contacted by telephone: +393480338407. She will come by the day after your arrival at 10am.


Take the 'autostrada' (highway) A1 until Bologna, from there follow the A14, direction Ancona-Bari.
The number of the autostrada will change at Castel San Pietro in E45.
You leave the autostrada at Cesena-Nord and take the 'superstrada' in the direction Roma.
This road is passing a beautiful landscape and villages like Bagno Romagna, Verghereto (starting point of the Tiber), Sansepolcro and Città di Castello.
About 15 km after Città di Castello, after the exit Promano, you will see the exit Montone.

You will take this and turn off to Montone.
Hold left all the time to Montone.
After 4,6 km you will see on your left-hand side a sign that takes you to Monte Castelli.
Take this road and keep going up hill until you get to Montone. You will eventually reach the only village petrol station on your left, just before you reach the village walls. Soon after this, you will reach a fork in the road. Right goes up to the village, left drops down. Take the left fork and then take the second on the left on a very sharp bend. You will see a large house on your left. Travel up this road for a few minutes around many bends and watch for a drive on the right with the sign Montebestia at the top of the drive. You will see the house at the bottom of the drive way. It is the house on the right of the driveway. The other house is closed.

Coming from Rome you'll take the A1 in the direction of Firenze and Bologna. Exit the A1 at Orte and follow the E45 in the direction of Perugia, then Cesena. After Perugia you will get to the exit of Montone. From here follow the directions above.

Google map

The google map coordinates are 43.374290,12.330198

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