Directions Casa Porcospino

Contact details

Ca di Ricco 4 (Sopra la Chiesa)
Localita Vallurbana
06011 Citta di Castello

Casa Porcospino is the apartment on the top left side of the house, as seen from the entrance, from where you come in with the car. Immediately after passing the first gate, take the path to the left, up, to get to the entrance of apartment Casa Porcospino. After having taken your luggage out of the car, you can park in the parking area. This is the area on the right of the gate.

Inside the house you will find a folder with detailed information about the house and the environment. Please read this carefully. You will also find the telephone number of Jim, the caretaker. In case you can not find an answer to your question in the folder, or in case something is not working properly, please call Jim and he will be able to explain or he will come up and repair the item that is not working.

The key

The key is in the key locker near the front door.

To get the keys:
1. Lift the cover in downwards direction.
2. You will see the number lock with the numbers '0000'
3. Change it to '4762'
4. Push the two buttons to the side and contemporarily lift the next lid in downwards direction.
5. Close the lid and insect the code '0000'.
6. Close the cover lid.

Note: It is important to change the number combination back to '0000' te zetten. If you leave it with the code '4762' anybody can get the keys.

The yellow key is for the outside door. The red key is for the inside door and the green key is the washing room on the front of the house (should be open but just in case somebody locked it). Please leave the key in the same spot the day you are leaving paying attention to the number code.

Arrival in the dark

In case you think you might arrive after dark, please make sure you have a good torch with you so you will not have any trouble finding the key and the path up to the entrance of the apartment. Please note: the electricity can be switched on, on the left side of the door when you are inside, with the blue/black main switch.


Coming from the North

Take the E45 from Cesena to Roma, take the exit Citta di Castello Nord.

At the bottom of the exit, turn left (direction Centro), on the roundabout, follow for the Zona Industriale (meaning you drive three quarters of the roundabout).
Take the 3rd road right, called 'Via P. Borsellino' (you will see a tyre company on the left corner).
Keep going straight, pass the railway crossing. On the roundabout go straight in direction Badiali.
Keep following this road (you will pass San Stefano del Piano and Badiale).
You will come to a T-junction with on the right a church. You will turn left here and the first road right (in direction of Vallurbana).
Keep following the road until you arrive in Vallurbana.
Turn left opposite the white house on the right hand side of the road (this is a very sharp turn taking you up, if you have trouble making this turn you can drive on and turn your car on the square). Follow this tar road until the small church (i.e. turn right at the top, sharp turn) . At the church you will have to turn into the white road on the left (again a sharp turn). Keep following this road to the right and it will take you up to the house in a few hundred meters. Please make sure you drive the last bit in first gear. It looks very steep, but all cars can easily make it.

Coming from the South

Take Orte the E45 in direction Perugia – Cesena. Follow for Cesena when close to Perugia. Take the second exit for Citta di Castello, Citta di Castello Nord. At the bottom of the exit, turn right. The rest of the directions are as above.

Google map

The google map coordinates are 43.536334, 12.277583.

The owner gave is these sat nav coordinates: N 43.32.173, E 12.16.665

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