Cancellation Insurance

Of course, no one books a holiday house with the intent to have to cancel the holiday. Nor do most people think about having to consult a doctor during the holiday, but unfortunately something unexpected can always happen. Proper travel insurance can be very helpful in these situations and we highly recommend our guests have proper travel and cancellation coverage. 

In case you do not yet have your own travel and cancellation policy, you can buy a cancellation policy from Europe Assistance via Villa in Umbria. You will have the choice to add this to your booking. It costs 5% of the booking fee.

Europ Assistance Cancellation Insurance

Cancellation insurance in short

You can request the travel cancellation costs guarantee when you have to cancel or modify the entire booked trip, for reasons or events that can be objectively documented, are unforeseeable and that are not known to you at the time of travel confirmation that affects:

  • directly you and/or your family members;
  • directly your Partner / Co-owner of the company / associated firm;

Furthermore, you can apply for the guaranteed travel cancellation costs when you need to cancel the entire booked trip, following a positivity from Covid-19 ascertained by reports with positive results that have affected:

  • directly you and/or your cohabiting family members;
  • your travel companion directly.

Europ Assistance indemnifies the penalty, contractually applied by the travel organization to the insured persons indicated in the file, to compile upon booking.

Europ Assistance reimburses in full the penalty charged up to the maximum limit provided for in the contract with the travel organization.

The reimbursement can never exceed Euro 15,000.00 per travel practice.

The guarantee will operate only if all the subscribers to the same insurance practice, cancel. In no case will the pro-quota be reimbursed.

There are a few limitations of the coverage. Please refer to this pdf document to read all details of the cancellation insurance.

Mind, that if you decide to add the cancellation insurance to your booking, this will have to be done within 24 hours of the booking itself. It will cost 5% of the booking fee.

Read the complete conditions of the cancellation insurance via Europe Assistance here.