Holiday Rentals in Umbria, Italy

Are you looking for a villa in Umbria for your holidays in Italy?
Browse through our apartments with shared pool or our private villas with pool to find your ideal holiday rental. You can also search the map of Umbria to find your holiday rental in Umbria, Italy : map of private villas in Umbria and map of holiday apartments in Umbria.

Villa in Umbria is run by Saskia and Sylvia, both living in Umbria the whole year around. You can read more about Villa in Umbria and what we offer our clients. We regularly write about Umbria and our life here on our Umbria blog.

We have a lot of information about Umbria in Italy with nice pictures as well. Feel free to browse through it all to get a good impression of Umbria and what you will find here. Obviously this is only a selection, the real Umbria has a lot more to offer, see and enjoy.

Apartments for rent in Umbria

Have a look at the overview of holiday apartments for rent in Umbria.

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Villas for rent in Umbria

Click here to have a look at the overview of private villas in Umbria, Italy for rent.

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Umbria Blog

Read more about Umbria and living in Umbria. Follow our Umbria Blog.

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Discover Umbria

Learn more about Umbria in Italy, what to see and what to do.

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