About Villa in Umbria

Villainumbria.com mediates between Italian house owners and foreign tourists who are looking for a holiday accommodation in Umbria. To give the best advice possible to our clients, we visit every holiday home, are familiar with its surroundings and we personally know the owners. We constantly review and update our website www.villainumbria.com and try to insert as much information as possible.

The owners themselves obviously do their best to accommodate their guests and make them feel at home. Thanks to this collaboration with the owners Villainumbria.com has established pleasant and confident relationships on which our clients can build.

Every client who books with us receives online information about the house and about Umbria after the downpayment has been made. This information has been collected by Villa in Umbria, because living in this region, we have come to know it well. 

In case of problems during their stay, our clients can always call us. We keep in touch with the owners and will inform them straight away, so that they are able to solve the inconvenience for you. We know all property owners personally and fully trust them, but something can always go wrong. We will help you communicate with the owner so that any inconvenience will be resolved as quick as possible.

Our contact details

For bookings or questions regarding the houses:
Cell. +39 348 536 7450 (also WhatsApp)
email: info@villainumbria.com

Saskia van der Bolt
Via Santi Bistarelli 6
06069 Tuoro sul Trasimeno (PG) 
Tel. +39 075 825 4260

Sylvia van der Male
Castiglione del Lago (PG)

In case you have trouble getting through to info@villainumbria.com email account, please also try: villainumbria@gmail.com or umbriaholiday@gmail.com, or send us an sms or Whatsapp on +39 348 536 7450. We will get in touch with you as soon as possible.
We do not give your details to others (see our privacy policy link at the bottom of each page).

Who are the people behind Villainumbria.com

Saskia van der Bolt

Born in 1969 in the Netherlands. Graduated in Law at Maastricht University where she also finished her Master degree in European and Comparative Law. After an internship at the European Parliament and some short jobs in Holland, she packed up and left for London. For almost 3 years she lived here and worked as a project and account manager for a local company Freedman International. During a holiday at Lake Trasimeno in Umbria, she met the love of her life and hardly half a year later left London for Italy (July 2000). After some local jobs, she started working for the rental company La Navicella where she stayed for more then 4 years. In October 2007 she started her collaboration with Villa in Umbria. She lives together with her partner and son (born in Italy in 2006) in the house they built together in Tuoro sul Trasimeno.

Sylvia van der Male

Born in 1976 in the Netherlands. She worked as a secretary at the Erasmus hospital in Rotterdam and for OC&C Strategy Consultants also in Rotterdam. She fell in love with Italy and Umbria when she visited Montefalco in the late nineties. In 2003 she decided to change her life and started traveling in Italy, traveling through the country from North to South. She studied italian in Venice, Rome, Naples and Palermo. After a break in the Netherlands where she actively participated in the Dante Alighieri association of Rotterdam promoting Italy in the Netherlands, she packed up and went for a life in Italy in 2009. She worked in Val di Fassa - Trentino, in the Cecina area - Tuscany and started her job for Villa in Umbria at the end of 2013.


Frequently asked questions regarding renting of a villa or apartment

Why do we not get a reply from Villa in Umbria?

We always reply to emails within 24 hours and usually a lot faster. However not all emails we send get to the mailbox correctly because of Spam filters. In case you are waiting for our reply, please also check your spam filter. Chances are our email is sitting there waiting to be read. It can happen as well that your email does not reach us so if you do not find our reply in your spam filter, please resend your email or give us a call.

What are the arrival and departure times at the holiday rentals in Umbria, Italy?

The holiday rentals all have to be cleaned. Therefore in most cases arrival is after 16.00 hrs (4 pm). 
Departure times are before 9.30 in the morning.

Are arrivals always on Saturday?

In high season most villas and apartments have their change-over day on Saturday. However we do have exceptions. Please enquire.

How does the booking process work?

You can book in three ways:
1. You can send us an email with what you are looking for and when so we can suggest the best holiday rentals we have available for your wishes. If you decide to book we would need your address, telephone numbers and number of guests so we can add you to our booking administration system. From the head of the family we also need to receive birth date and birth place.
2. You can request a booking online by clicking on the dates you would like on the calendar of the holiday rental you would like to book. The booking request form appears below the calendar and you can fill this in. You receive an email with your booking request. We will double check with the owners that the holiday rental is indeed available and then confirm your booking.
3. You can call us on +393485367450 to discuss what you would like for your holiday to Umbria and we will be able to recommend the most suitable rentals. At some point however, we will need your email address because we send all the booking forms and arrival information via email.

In all cases, once we confirm the booking, we will send you the rental agreement with the bank details for the down payment. You can make the downpayment and we will confirm receipt asap.

Can we get an option for a while?

Yes in most cases we can keep one holiday rental in option for a few days. Depending on the situation the option can be for one day, two days or longer. However, usually options are not for a long period.

If we need to cancel, do we get our payment back?

The agreements differ per house owner. However in most cases you get your downpayments back if we manage to rent the house to others (in the same period). The owner does keep a small administration fee. The details are described in the rental agreement you will receive when booking. Please enquire if you want to read through the rental conditions for the house you'd like to book, before the actual confirmation.

Where do we find information about Umbria and the area around the holiday rental?

Once you have booked you will receive the log-in details for a website we have made with more information about Umbria and very practical tips about a holiday in Italy in general. The directions to the holiday rental are also on this website, together with the contact details of the owners of the vacation rental.

We also have some information about where to eat and where to shop and in most cases the owners of the holiday rental will be able to recommend places as well, once you arrive at the house. You can get a better idea about Umbria via these information pages on our website.

We cannot see our holiday rental on the map in the details page, how come?

We have used the Google maps interface to show where the holiday rentals are. It happens that some google maps have not been updated in several years, therefore not yet showing the holiday rental or a newly built swimming pool. 
Most vacation homes are clearly visible by zooming in far enough and in the 'satellite' or 'hybrid' mode. 

Can you organise a cook to come to our villa to prepare a nice meal?

We know several cooks who provide these services. You will find further details on the website you can log into the moment you have booked through us.

What times are shops usually open in Umbria Italy?

Most shops are closed on Sundays. 
The rest of the week most shops are open from 8 or 8.30 in the morning until 12.30 or 13 hrs and then again from 16 hrs to 19.30 or 20 hrs. 
Some bigger supermarkets have the so called 'orario continuato' and do not close during lunchtime. They may also be open on Sunday morning, but better not count on it!
On Thursday afternoon small food stores are closed.
We have listed the important bank holidays on the website you will get log-in details for the moment you have booked through us.

Getting to Umbria and around

Can we get to our holiday rental using GPS or Tomtom?

It happens regularly that guests do not print the directions and rely solely on the use of their GPS or TomTom. However in Umbria this does not always work. In case it does work, it can happen that the GPS leads you to the vacation rental via a different route than the one we suggest in our directions. We have had guests getting terribly lost and also stuck on a small dirtroad in the woods where cellphones do not work.

We are happy to help as much as we can with directions and where possible we try to give GPS coordinates. However please always follow the "old fashioned" directions we have made to get to the vacation rental!
In case you do get lost you can reach the owners and they will guide you. Otherwise you can call us and we will contact the owners for you.

Which are the best airports to fly to for visiting Umbria in Italy?}

We have a webpage with more information about the different airports for Umbria that one can fly to best when visiting Umbria in Italy.

Do we need to rent a car to visit Umbria?

Depending on the vacation rental you have chosen, you will need a car or not. However, even if the vacation rental is easy to reach by public transport, do keep in mind that many of the beautiful Umbrian hilltop towns are not.
Depending on public transport means you need more patience and accurate timing. On the webpage getting to Umbria we have also listed the train schedule website and some local bus companies with their schedules.
Do enquire with us which of the holiday rentals are best to rent when visiting Umbria without a car.

Where should we hire a car in Umbria?

We have a webpage with more information about a car rental company that can book cars from all airports and many town centers and railway stations in Umbria.

Do you do any shuttle services or know of any chauffeur driven car services?

We do have several people we can recommend that offer chauffeur driven car services. They can pick you up from the airport and bring you to your holiday rental and they can also drive you around for some sightseeing. We recommend GianLuca the 'Umbrian Driver' but in case he is already booked, do let us know because we also have two other small companies offering the same sevices.

Things to do in Umbria Italy

We would like to cycle in Umbria, is this possible?

Umbria is rather hilly and the Eastern part even mountainous. Getting around on a bicycle is therefore not easy unless you are well prepared.
The website 'Bike in Umbria' gives several itineraries on different levels (easy, intermediate and difficult). You can also buy a booklet from the Comunita Montana with 25 loop itineraries around the Lake Trasimeno.
In most bigger towns you can rent a bicycle (mostly mountain bikes).
Do keep in mind that Umbria is very hot in June, July and August. If you are planning on cycling in these months you will have to get up very early because after 10 or 11 hrs it is so hot that doing any outdoor sport is a challenge (apart from swimming).

We would like to do some horseback riding in Umbria, is this possible?

There are many riding schools in Umbria, but not everywhere do they organise tours out in the hills. Where they do you are going with a guide and will have to first demonstrate that you are able to ride a horse. 
The best place we know is close to Citta di Castello, in the North of Umbria and near Spoleto in the south of Umbria. Please let us know if this can be of interest so we can email you further details.

We would like to play golf in Umbria, is this possible?

Umbria has four golf courses.
The famous Antognolla Golf is just North of Perugia and has the most scenic golf course, around a beautiful old castle. 18 hole.
Santa Sabina is in one of the outskirts of Perugia. 18 hole.
Close to Citta di Castello we have Fattoria Caldese, a small golf course of 9 holes.
On the West side of Lake Trasimeno Lamborgini golf course also has 9 holes.

Can we rent scooters in Umbria Italy?

Yes there are a few places where you can rent scooters.
The best we know is close to Lake Trasimeno and you can make some nice trips around the lake. The lady who rents the scooters has itineraries and speaks English. You will find further details on the website you can log into the moment you have booked through us.

We would like to do a cooking course in Umbria Italy, can you recommend some?

There are several places where you can do cooking courses in Umbria. You will find further details on the website you can log into the moment you have booked through us.

We love to hike. Where should we go in Umbria?

The best vacation rentals for hiking are Il Podere and Agriturismo Pietralunga
Throughout Umbria you can hike very well. There are nice trails around Lake Trasimeno for example. The Comunita Montana has an English booklet with 30 itineraries. You can buy this in most bookstores in Umbria or at the Tourist Information.
One can also walk on the Monte Subasio between Spello and Assisi. The Tourist Information has more details of Assisi and Spello (after the walk to Spello or Assisi you can get the train or bus back)

What kind of weather can we expect in Umbria Italy?

The weather in Umbria webpage has a nice overview with the average weather (rainfall, humidity, temperatures etc) in Umbria. On this page you can also see the weather we have here now and the forecasts.

Are there any concerts we can go to in Umbria Italy?

In Umbria there are throughout the year many concerts, both jazz as well as classical music and some pop concerts as well. Via our social media we will post the main events and you can check out this list.

We love to visit all kinds of markets, does Umbria have food markets and antique markets?

There are weekly markets in most towns in Umbria.
The antique markets are always during the weekends once a month. Perugia, Citta di Castello, Orvieto, Todi, Campello, Spoleto, Castiglione del Lago, Amelia and more.
This page gives a short overview of weekly and special markets.