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Relax in Umbria with Travel Cover

Travel Insurance for ItalyWith beauty and splendour second to none and a history spanning thousands of years, Umbria truly is a fascinating part of Italy. War, love, peace - Umbria has been the setting for them all. You may be planning to experience the relaxation of being in one of the most beautiful spots in Italy or you may be there to test your skills and fitness levels on a challenging mountain-climb. Let your mind be at ease either way and cover yourself and family with travel insurance from Essential Travel, so you can enjoy any and all aspects of your trip while travelling to captivating Umbria.

Your trip may be a short stay in the medieval village of Costacciaro to experience the beauty of the Monte Cucco Regional Park, or it could be a mountain bike excursion along the Val di Ranco. Essential Travel offers polices with a large array of benefits, including:

  • £10 million in emergency medical cover
  • £2 million in personal liability coverage
  • 24 hour emergency helpline
  • FREE Grade 1 sports and activities cover
  • Pre-existing medical conditions coverage available
  • FREE coverage for kids under 18
  • Winter sports coverage available
  • Quick, easy and safe online booking process
  • Specialised cover for backpackers

A Choice Of Two Policies To Choose From:

Essential Travel has two types of policies to suit the different types of travellers making a trip to Umbria

Single Trip

Whether you’ll be going on a relaxing weekend break or a month long getaway, experiencing all that Umbria has to share, single trip travel ensures travellers have comprehensive travel insurance over the entire trip. A family policy is even greater value for money, as travellers younger than 18 receive full cover for free.

Annual Multi Trip

This policy is for the traveller that plans on taking many trips throughout the year. You may be wanting to visit Umbria for the Umbria Wine Festival in April, some Hiking in July and then the Orvieto Food Festival in November. Taking the Annual Multi Trip policy will keep you covered every time the urge to come back to Umbria becomes too much to handle. Travellers under 65 may have trips lasting up to 45 days long for each trip, our more “experienced” travellers over 65 are covered for trips lasting up to 31 days for each trip. Feel free to travel as many times in the year as your heart desires, without being required to notify Essential Travel every time the travel bug bites. The annual travel insurance policy is ready to go, whenever you are

Medical Coverage

Don’t let a pre-existing medical condition hold you back from enjoying the picturesque sights and sounds of Umbria. Simply complete a simple medical screening questionnaire to assess how Essential Travel can help you. You’ll be covered and ready to enjoy all that Umbria has to offer in no time by paying an additional premium.

Sports Coverage

Essential Travel policies automatically cover all Grade 1 sporting activities for free - great for the intrepid hiking traveller who wants to experience the gorgeous flora and fauna of Umbria from up close. For adrenalin junkies, it’s easy to upgrade your policy to include Grade 2 - 4 activities. From rafting to hiking, you will be free to do as you like. Add Winter Sports cover to your policy as well for freedom to enjoy winter sport activities with peace of mind.

Airport Parking

Airport ParkingA relaxing holiday starts with affordable airport parking. Booking online with can help you save up to 60% on parking costs when compared to paying at the gates. An easy booking system online gives you a range of carefully selected long term, on airport and off airport parking. Alternatively, enjoy a touch of class to get you in the mood for the Italian luxury of Umbria by booking meet and greet parking. It can all be done and booked in a matter of minutes for ultimate convenience at all major UK airports.



Airport Hotels

Airport HotelsBe refreshed and relaxed before even going to Umbria, by staying at one of Essential Travel’s airport hotels. Get to your flight early the next morning feeling refreshed. A range of hotels, from budget accommodation to five-star luxury, can be booked easily online. With 300 hotels across 25 major UK airports, there’s always a place to relax for any traveller on the eve of their trip.




Airport Lounges

Airport LoungesSlow down before your trip to Umbria by putting your feet up at one of our Airport Lounges. The facilities on offer include cable television, internet access, food and refreshments and our airport lounges are situated at 100 airports worldwide, including 20 UK airports. Start your holiday to Umbria as relaxed as possible by booking here and expect to be met by comfort and great service at our airport lounges before your flight to Umbria.