About us

Villainumbria.com was founded in 2003 and helps mainly Italian house owners to find guests for their second homes or apartments. To give the best advice possible to our guests, we visit every holiday home, are familiar with its surroundings and we personally know the owners. We constantly review and update our website and try to supply useful information, also via the villainumbria.blog.

The owners themselves do their best to accommodate their guests and make them feel at home. Thanks to this collaboration with the owners we have established pleasant and confident relationships on which our guests can build.

I am  Saskia van der Bolt and manage the Villa in Umbria website, as well as the bookings arriving via the website. I enjoy helping guests to choose the right house for their holiday in Umbria and giving advise to the house owners. I live in Tuoro sul Trasimeno at Lake Trasimeno since the year 2000. Having lived in London it was quite a shock moving to rural Umbria, but now I wouldn't want to exchange the green scenery for a life in the city. 

Feel free to ask my help when you are looking for a vacation rental in Umbria. 

Or maybe you have a second home in Umbria you'd want to rent out to tourists. Check out  the owners page for more information.


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